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                Welcome Packages

                When surfing the internet in search for an online gambling website, don’t be misguided by huge welcome bonus packages. These may be tricky and lead you to believe that you will receive amounts such as a £1,000 welcome bonus, when in fact this will require multiple deposits, or similar. Bonuses tend to become lower with the number of times you make a deposit.

                For example, if a casino “gives out” £1,000 welcome bonus to new players, this amount would most likely be split into several deposits.? That would mean that a player’s first deposit will be a standard 100% match up to £250. The second deposit is a very low 25% up to £250, then the third gets 50% up to £500.

                online gambling

                In other words, this means that you can claim £1,000 in bonus money, but in order to do so you would have to deposit £2,250 of your own money to get it. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to obtain that amount, however make sure to always check the terms of the specific casino of your choice.

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